Beauty Treatments Bridgnorth


Caci Quantum – the creme de la creme of non surgical facial & body treatments

Slimtone       Single £35         Course of 10   £300
Lymth          Single  £40        Course of 10   £340
Cellulite        Single  £40        Course of 10   £340

1 hour caci  Facial   Single  £50       Course of 10   £450

Hand Treatment   Single £28
Hydrotone    £25
Anti ageing  Caci eyelift       Single  £25       Course of 10        £220
Jowl Lift      Single   £22      Course of 10        £200
Caci & Jowl Lift (1 hour)     £55



Face mapping : know your skin

Diagnosis, treatment, recovery, prevention – a licensed dermalogica skin therapist will analyse your skin from forehead to collarbone, identifying potential problems, unique needs, and how to treat them professionally.
Face mapping ensures that your subsequent prescription of dermalogica products will target specific zones and deliver all-over benefits. This is done with every facial treatment.

Micro-facial (30 minutes) £27.50

For those with little time. Cleanse, exfoliation, spritz, moisturise and protect.

Prescriptive skin treatment (1 Hour) £42.00

The treatment will be unique to each individual client by using dermalogica’s unique botanical mixers throughout the step-by-step process to provide additional benefits to the client’s skin.

Agesmart facial (75 minutes) £47.00

Concerned about the signs of ageing? Feel like your skin needs a revitalising power boost? Then this is for you!
Combined vitamin and hydroxy acid exfoliation, energising massage and techniques that release tension in the facial muscles and dermologica’s specialised contour masks makes this the ultimate skin therapy for prematurely ageing dry, devitalised skin. Your skin will be noticeably firmer, smoother and revived.

Medibac facial (1 hour) £42.00

Breakouts have finally met their match. This treatment will focus on purifying your skin with deep cleansing followed by extractions, customised masque and protectant.


IWR Rapid Exfoliator Peel

The powerhouse of glycolic peels provides superior results in wrinkle reduction, extreme exfoliation, intense hydration and plumping to reveal younger, firmer, more beautiful skin.
(IWR = Intensive Wrinkle Reducer)

Facial 1 Hour £60.00
Micro Facial ½ Hour £44.00
Hand Treatment £25.00


Body Treatments

Body mapping

Zone by zone analysis of your body skin. Only through body mapping can you receive a treatment that will deliver targeted results. This will also help outline a proper body therapy home care regime to help you maintain the results of your treatment!

Thermal body therapy (90 Minutes) £55.00

Through the use of our new thermal body professional products that feel amazing on your skin, your therapist will also use exclusive manipulations to create a body temperature that’s more conductive for penetration of essential products and ingredients into the skin.

Body mapping, body brushing, skin exfoliation, specialist stress relieving techniques £44.00

We start with exfoliation to remove dulling skin cells then move on to a specialised aromatherapy massage session, customised mud or gel packs are applied from head to toe to hydrate and de-toxify skin and to wrap it all up you will receive a deeply relaxing scalp massage. Mind and body
will relaxed and renewed!
This treatment can be taken as a 60 minute as well as the above by choosing one of the three combinations.
1. Exfoliate and wrap
2. Exfoliate and 30 minute massage
3. Massage and wrap

The body exfoliating treatment £28.00

A 30 minute treatment that smoothes debris whilst restoring vital nutrients to tired skin. An exfoliating body scrub, customised with aromatherapy essential oils will help to smooth skin and relax stressed muscles. Compliments our selection of wraps.


Swedish Massage

Back (30 minutes)  £22.00
Leg massage (30 minutes)  £22.00
Full body massage (1 hour) £35.00

Aromatherapy Massage

Back (30 minutes)  £28.00
Leg massage (30 minutes)  £28.00
Full body massage (1 hour)  £40.00
Facial massage (20 minutes)   £20.00

Hot Stone Therapy

This treatment uses volcanic stones which are heated and used within a Swedish massage to give a very relaxing and deep tissue massage.

Back stone therapy (30 minutes)    £27.50
Full body stone therapy (1 hour)   £43.00

Hopi Ear Candle Therapy

This is an ancient Indian treatment used to help alleviate sinus problems, hay fever and before a flight to help with cabin pressure. Treatment includes a facial and scalp massage.

(45 minutes)  £27.50


St Tropez Tanning

The original and best colour you will ever achieve from a fake tan!

Spray tan full body   £28.50
Half body  £19.00

Cream application for clients who prefer to have their exfoliation done for them.

Full body    £36.00
Half body   £24.00

(24 hours prior to a spray tan please do an exfoliation all over.)

Hair Removal

Electrolysis – effective, permanent hair removal. Consultation includes your first treatment.

30 minutes                        £19.00

10 minutes                        £13.00
20 minutes                        £18.00
30 minutes                        £25.00

Underarm  £  9.00
Eyebrow  £  9.50


Half leg    £15.00
Forearms   £15.00
Full leg  £23.00
Back wax  £20.00
Full leg & bikini  £25.00
Chest wax  £25.00
Bikini line    £  9.50
Lip wax  £  6.50
Extended bikini line  £13.00
Lip & chin  £10.00

Hands & Feet

Spa manicure using Nailtiques & Orly products
With polish    £22.00
Without polish    £16.00
Diamantes per nail      3.00
Deluxe pedicure with heated mitts & exfoliation     £27.00

Spa pedicure using Nailtiques & Orly products
With polish  £25.00
Without polish  £21.00
Diamantes per nail  £  3.00
Deluxe pedicure with heated booties & exfoliation  £28.00

Artistic gel manicure (Lasts 2 weeks)
File & gel polish  £20.00


Make Up    

Using Bare Essentials mineral make up.

Wedding Practice  £30.00
Wedding Day  £35.00
Make-up Lesson  £28.00


LVL lash lifting treatment

This treatment lasts 6-8 weeks, lifts, volumizes  & lengthens your lashes.    £60.00

ibx Nail Strengthening System

IBX Nail Strengthening System